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Talent Concept

The company adheres to the talent concept of "getting the right person, making the best use of his talent, adapting the right talent to the right place, and making the best use of his talent and ability". To enable talents to do what is appropriate for them, vary from person to person, adjust measures to time, and fully tap the potential of talents.

The company pays attention to the growth of employees, provides sufficient platforms and help for employees from the aspects of career planning, ability improvement, work exchange, etc., cultivates intelligent and powerful talents required by the development of the enterprise, and strives to achieve the synchronous realization of employees' personal growth goals and the long-term development of the enterprise. The company regards talents as the most precious resource, respects and cares for each employee, improves the employee's sense of responsibility, gathers the staff and workers' group strength, and strengthens the employee's sense of belonging from all aspects. Pay attention to the creativity of each employee, listen to the voice of each employee, so that each employee has the opportunity to put forward ideas and express themselves.

Recruitment Information
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